A calendar in english is provided here.

About us

This calendar is an uncommercial online event calendar for Karlsruhe and the surrounding area. It gives groups and places the possibility to publish their events and to connect interested people.

We want to promote culture that moves between subculture and social criticism and emancipatory politics that covers a range between critical confrontations and utopias. Whether concerts, exhibitions, films, readings, performances, demonstrations, rallies, workshops, calls….

So the events you find here are not organized by us. We only provide the platform.

Similar calendars in other cities are: (we copied from tacker.fr)

BERLIN - stress factor
BIELEFELD - left landscape
BOCHUM - alternative
BODENSEE - trampoline
BRANDENBURG - inforiot 
BREMEN - haphazard 
DRESDEN - terminal 
FREIBURG - tacker 
GÖTTINGEN - monsters of göttingen 
HAMBURG - bewegungsmelder
HANOVER - rAuszeit
JENA - what to do 
KOPENHAGEN - duk op 
COLOGNE - plotter 
LEIPZIG - planless
LEIPZIG - left-action
LEIPZIG - funnel
LONDON - eroding empire 
MARBURG - stressmob
MC POMM - left-long
MUNICH - kalinka 
MÜNSTER - alternative (mailinglist)
MÜNSTER - alternative 
OSNABRUECK - alternative 
POTSDAM - red potsdam 
RHEIN/MAIN - underground 
RHEIN/NECKAR - freak out
VIENNA - time thief
Info about supraregional calendars

Submit events

Feel free to send us an email and we will explain how you can submit your events.